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May 2017


It is certainly not easy to share your father with more than hundred siblings in Sri Lanka. However, when you see this incredible Little Smile family and quickly become part of it, you can somehow accept the missing in retrospect. Shortly after Marco was born, Michael Kreitmeir went to Sri Lanka. The 20 year old, basically, grew up without much paternal support. It is therefore all the more important that his older brother Manuel has taken him on the journey to this particular world, one that Manuel already knows from his many visits to Little Smile. It has been 7 long years since Marco last visited us. Today, he experienced Little Smile and especially the kids from a completely different perspective – from that of the “ayya” the big brother. The kids hope that it won’t take such a long time again till the two ayyas come for a visit.

Phase 70:

January to March 2017

Maria Theresia College Kalmunai

Opening of the second building

Phase 69:

October to December 2016

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